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me and yoga

 fell in love with Yoga in 2007 and it transformed my life. I am qualified as a Vinyasa flow teacher, Yin yoga teacher and children’s yoga teacher.


When I started practising yoga I learnt how to move my body in a completely different way than I was used to, but it wasn’t until a friend took me to a Hot Yoga class that I knew this was something that would change me for the better. I love rolling out my mat and moving the areas of my body that need working on; rather than practicing the strict, regimented and competitive routines I used to follow as a gym and exercise class goer.


Vinyasa flow yoga stole my heart and in 2014, I trained with the internationally recognised yoga training school, Frog Lotus Yoga, led by world-renowned teacher Vidya Jacqueline Heisel. The Frog Lotus Yoga style has led me to creative sequencing and I am currently working towards my 500-hour yoga instructors’ qualification with them. 


My influences are Vidya Heisel, Ana Forest, Jason Crandell, Shiva Rae, Jennilee Toner and Naomi Absolom. They all bring different qualities to my yoga practise and I bring elements of all into my own sequencing. My style varies from my yin knowledge to my influences through Forest and Jivamukti, and the Vinyasa flow teachings that been ingrained within me from my Frog Lotus Yoga teachers Vidya Jacqueline Heisel , Alicia Waters, Jennifer Yarrow, Carl Faure and Jennilee Toner.  I love creative, intelligent sequencing whilst working through the philosophy of yoga (chakras), asana progression and providing the space for each of my students to discover what comes uniquely to them.  

I am available for one-to-one classes, group classes, retreats, yoga for offices, (including events), yoga for  nurserys and schools and children's parties.