Emma Rose - LONDON

My first ever yoga experience was an intense two and half hour session with Mel in one of her workshops. I loved the class. She made it easily understandable for a beginner like me, and also showed me easier positions as I have hyper mobility in my arms. The workshop was a great introduction to yoga and I now go to lessons regularly thanks to Mel. I really recommend her workshops, wether you’re a beginner or want a yoga class that covers so many different areas of yoga and meditation. 


Mel's classes always feel nourishing to the body and mind. She is always friendly and welcoming, creating a warm atmosphere for classes. In workshops she always goes the extra mile, creating varied workshops around themes which deliver something for everyone. I feel relaxed and energized afterwards... and always with lovely tea and nibbles post workshop!


Jon Valdivia - SPAIN

Everytime I receive a massage from Mel I feel renewed. My body really needs a break from a lot of computer work and Mel is able to give my back the treatment it needs. I thoroughly recommend Mel as an accomplished physical therapist.

Sian Breckin -London

I love practising with Mel, she is a skilled, generous and inspiring teacher. Her classes unite mental and physical strength and well being with compassion and a great sense of humour. She is encouraging, open minded and brings a great deal of fun to her classes and workshops. Her class is a safe and playful space to discover and grow. I leave feeling uplifted, stronger and wiser. It really is a joy to be in her class.

Ellen Aarts - Netherlands

I am just going to say it, because its so true: the massages with Melanie are the best I have had! She collects a range of techniques from Thai massage, deep tissue, energy work and her intuition into a lovely, deep, healing journey where each and every time magic happens. Melanie always seems to know where to work on, and I leave her room lighter, more centered, balanced, embodied and happier than before! Oh, and boy she has got some strength! I would recommend Melanie to everybody!

I'm a big fan of Melanie.

Ciara O’gorman - London

Mel’s massages & facials are more of an experience than a treatment. One of the most wonderful experiences ever!
She combines her years of experience & training with an exceptional intuitive touch. It allows your body to completely let go. She seems to know exactly when to apply pressure & when to just coat your body in a relaxing sweep. There is real artistry in her skilful touch. 
Aside from the best body massages I’ve ever had with Mel she offers the finest facials- a truly indulgent treat that combines all the intuition, grace & skill of her massages. 

Mel’s treatments are exceptional & so far beyond the formulaic Swedish massages dished out at beauty rooms & spas. There is attention to detail & each treatment feels especially tailored to your individual needs. A truly holistic & divine experience. 

sarah hunt - sussex

The creativity of Mel's sequencing and the energy and variety she brings to her classes sets her apart as a teacher. 

Sarah Hardistry - London



I find my treatments with Melanie much more effective than any other and with a gentle holistic approach. Melanie takes time to understand what would benefit you most and tailors her treatment to make it a truly personal and an energising experience.

I attended a Yin Workshop one Saturday in Eastbourne with Mel and was amazed by the benefits of the gentleness yet powerful poses which were held for between 3 and 6 minutes at a time.
My body responded well and I felt as if I was on a journey restoring strong female energy with love from the heart too.
My range and movement have been better since and I like I grew wings ready to fly again