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Since picking up my first bright red lippy…

 ...at the age of 10, I’ve been interested in the world of beauty . I loved dressing up my Barbie dolls and was always in the garden picking flowers. I found the smells were amazing and I guess this is where my love of aromatherapy came from. 


After spending my early 20’s trying to figure out  what I wanted to be, and having many a career behind me because - quite simply – my heart just wasn’t in it, I decided to enroll at Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne where I completed my NVQ in Beauty Therapy and Holistic Health. I was instantly in love. I had finally found something that seemed to suit me! 


I started working as a skin care and body therapist for Dermalogica in 2001. After a year, I transferred to Sydney, Australia where I truly embraced the sunshine and beach life that it brought. Out in the sunnier climate of Bondi Beach I started practicing yoga as I found it to be incredibly complementary to my body after I had been standing up all day. However, more than this, yoga connected me to myself and made me start loving my body (I began to recognise what was good for it and what wasn’t). It also gave me a better excuse than work to get up early in the mornings! 


In a past life, I used to teach aerobics and was a regular gym goer, but I found it to be such a competition of physical appearance and fashion, rather than feeling what my body needed. Now I just love rolling out my mat and moving what areas of my body need working on rather than following strict regimented routines. Yoga is a self-practice, free of judgment and the ego isn’t as prevalent as it is in many other sports and fitness programmes.


In 2003  I moved back to England after a longing for home and spent the next 10 years travelling the UK as both a trainer and skin care specialist working for leading brands including Dermalogica, Ren Skincare, Aromatherapy Associates, Elemental Herbology, Virgin Club Lounge, Mama Mio and Chantecaille skincare and make up.


However, after a time my professional life soured and my personal life sunk. I decided to realign my values and start working for myself. I took my love of yoga to the next stage and trained with Frog Lotus International in Spain to complete my Yoga Teaching qualification.  


Using the perks of being self-employed I decided I wanted to explore the world and worked as a therapist and yoga teacher. I started working in private homes and on private yachts around Europe.  After returning from my adventures in 2015, I have been based in London and Sussex teaching yoga in studios, gyms and primary schools. I have also provided treatments and one-to-one teaching sessions for individual clients and worked in an established 5-star spa in Shoreditch, London. 


I am an outgoing and energetic soul and every time I see the smiles and relaxed faces of my clients and students, it makes my day! Seeing people happy, relaxed and pampered is a joy. I love educating people through the yoga classes I teach and making people feel like they are walking on clouds. 


I will always be a student of beauty, massage and yoga. You will often find me deepening my knowledge and yoga practice with courses and workshops, as I am passionate about what I do and love to keep up to date, especially within two such fast changing industries. 


Through yoga and massage I have connected with people from all over the world. It’s my dream to connect to you too.

Love Melanie xxx